Projects / Saricon


Saricon is a Dutch engineering company that specializes in locating unexploded ordnance from the Second World War. By utilising both ground penetrating radar and magnetic gradiometry, they offer non-destructive and cost effective site assessments.

Saricon approached Tripany to develop a new website where customers can find detailed information about the services and processes provided by Saricon.


After consultation, Tripany has transformed the needs and requirements in a functional design for the development of a "responsive web application" suitable for web, mobile and tablet where various technologies are brought together. For instance, YouTube videos and Twitter messages are automatically displayed on their website by making use of the YouTube and Twitter APIs. Also, the website is connected to the content management system (CMS) for managing content, managing news and serve the completed forms by their visitors.


By combining and integrating various applications such as Twitter, YouTube, Social Media sharing, a news blog and a "Argis viewer plugin" Tripany has delivered a modern platform for the presentation of information, news and media as a unified solution making it easy for Saricon to manage their content.