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MakelaardijTV is a digital signage product which has been developed by Tripany BV providing real estate agencies kiosk solutions for presenting their residential objects on screens in shop windows or visitor areas in the office.


MakelaardijTV features a unique combination of proprietary lightweight software tailored to the hardware and is plug-and-play ready for any modern screen. MakelaardijTV connects via a wireless or wired network to communicate with our online "Cloud Screen Manager" web portal. MakelaardijTV offers various communication channels using techniques such as XML, SOAP and REST to display the most recent property objects real-time.


After unboxing, the MakelaardijTV media player can be easily connected to a modern TV screen that displays the most recent real estate properties interspersed with global news, videos and advertisements in the corporate branding of the agency.

MakelaardijTV offers digital data exchange capabilities with well-known real estate organizations in the Netherlands, such as NVM and VBO.